Neodymium magnet

NdFeB neodymium magnets are the strongest permanent magnets. Rare-earth magnets are very prone to corrosion, therefore, in principle, surface treatment is used.

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Magnetic foil

We offer magnetic foils in the thicknesses 0.4 - 2 mm, in the brown, white and colored versions and with a self-adhesive layer. Magnetic foil working temperature is -30 °C - +70 °C.

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Magnetic separator

The magnetic filter serves to catching of metal magnetic impurities within a stream of dry and liquid agents. This means the highest possible separation quality!

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Magnetic plate

Magnetic plate in stock is hung above the transportation belt using hanging ropes. It separates bigger metal magnetic impurities from easily permeable mixtures.

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  1. Color magnetic bands
  2. Magnets for household applications
  3. Office magnets
  4. Magnets for handymen


Magnetic ledges

We sell magnetic ledges for the workshops and offices. They are suitable for hanging of metal objects on a wall, or to make a place for notes.

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Telescopic rotational magnetic separator

Rotational separators are designed for a separation of impurities from hardly permeable mixtures characterized by compromised bulk parameters and coarser material granularity. During the separation, magnetic pipes are continuously rotating.

Useful magnetic products


27. 11. 2013

Separation vessel

Magnetic separator with the automatic cleaning is capable of catching of metal impurities from liquids. During the automatic cleaning cycle, impurities are rinsed by water or any suitable medium. This rinsing liquid, together with the caught metals, is released to the separation tank.

22. 8. 2016

Flow magnetic separator for tank cars

We broadened our offer with stainless steel separators for tank cars transporting various dry powder materials of food, chemical or raw material production industry. The separators find their application area especially in unloading applications when the material is transported using pressurized air within a pipeline.

21. 8. 2016

Self-cleaning magnet above conveyor (MS F EKO) - ECOnomical

This is a new, advanced magnetic separator type, designed for positioning above a conveyor belt.. Above all, it serves to separation of larger metal magnetic impurities from easily permeable compounds transported on conveyor belts. Mostly it is situated above a conveyor belt using horizontal slewing of 90°, or it is located above a staging cylinder. Collected magnetic impurities...

20. 8. 2016

Plate magnetic separator

In terms of this philosophy, we started to produce a desk-type separator, which can be - due to its unique demagnetizing system - much more easily and faster cleaned from the accumulated magnetic impurities. This is intended for separation from easily permeable mixtures with worse pouring properties and higher grain size. In their standard modification, they are fitted with ferritic...

19. 8. 2016

Magnetic plates above conveyor

Benefits consist in a simple installation that does not require any modifications of the design of the conveyor belt and the possibility to approach the separator as close to the material transported as possible, thus achieving maximum utilization of magnetic lines of force.

18. 8. 2016

Telescopic rotational magnetic separator to be installed within pipelines

We enlarged our offer of magnetic separators for bulk mixtures. Newly we developed and are producing telescopic magnetic separators designed for the separation of metal impurities from bulk and hardly permeable mixtures transported within a pipeline.

17. 8. 2016

Microsite about Pot magnets

Would you like to learn interesting facts about magnetic lenses? For example how much can keep our strongest magnetic lens? Do you not know what is the magnetic lens and how can it be used? So just for you we have prepared a micro site

16. 8. 2016

Magnetic foil

Magnetic foils- we offer the thickness 0,4 - 2 mm. Brown and white colours ad with the self-sticking layer from one side. Magnetic adhesion depends on the thickness of the material on which the foil should be applied. Magnetic foils may be cut with standard shears or, possibly, cut down to requested pieces.

15. 8. 2016

Magnet to be used in textile filters

This magnetic separator consists in one or two magnetic rods and stainless steel carrier into which the rods are inserted. Complete device is then inserted into the cloth sleeve filter. We simplified significanly the magnetic rod fixing in the stainless steel carrier so no screwing is necessary. 

14. 8. 2016

Magnet to be installed in an injection molding machine hopper

Magnet to be placed in an injection molding machine hopper (an improved version) was developed by our team according to your requirements, stressing maximum separation efficiency and safety at work. In case of this improved version, a magnet for the injection molding machine hopper is equipped with very strong neodymium magnets. Its main benefits consist in locating of the magnets...

30. 6. 2016

Rare-earth magnet NdFeB

Rare-earth NdFeB (neodymium-iron-boron) magnet is the strongest permanent magnet. We offer these neodymium magnets in many shapes and sizes. Neodymium NdFeB magnets are on stock!

30. 6. 2016

Magnetic mat

As a frequent problem associated with the food production, shoe cleaning when leaving workshop area must be taken into account. Shoes may be contaminated by ferromagnetic impurities (metal shavings, sawdust, metal dust) and there is a risk of a clean operation contamination by this waste.

27. 6. 2016

Magnetic broom for the forklift truck MM 1200 DM

This magnetic broom is, in comparison with the model MM 1200 DM, made of a stainless steel so it has a higher resistance, it is more comfortable to de-magnetize and easier method of fixation onto a forklift truck. From a viewpoint of magnetic efficiency, both brooms are identical.  

15. 6. 2016

Magnetic photo paper

This is the most amazing magnetic product you have ever seen! Take a funny picture from your party or holidays, print in on the magnetic paper and put it onto fridge as a magnet. You will have unique memories in front of your eyes all the time! Prepare an untypical present for your family and friends!   

7. 3. 2016

Magnetic pocket with color frame

Using magnetic pocket, you may simply and in a well arranged way situate e.g. public notice on the best place. A document located in such a pocket is mobile and may be replaced very easy.

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