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Magnet for injection moulding machine hoppers placed in a plastic corpus

Magnet to be installed in an injection molding machine hopper

Magnet to be placed in an injection molding machine hopper (an improved version) was developed by our team according to your requirements, stressing maximum separation efficiency and safety at work. In case of this improved version, a magnet for the injection molding machine hopper is equipped with very strong neodymium magnets. Its main benefits consist in locating of the magnets in a plastic corpus especially. The corpus covers the entire injection...

Magnetic broom for the forklift truck MM 1200 DM

Magnetic broom for the forklift truck MM 1200 DM

This magnetic broom is, in comparison with the model MM 1200 DM, made of a stainless steel so it has a higher resistance, it is more comfortable to de-magnetize and easier method of fixation onto a forklift truck. From a viewpoint of magnetic efficiency, both brooms are identical.  

Magnetic closures

Magnetic closures

To further enlarge our wide offer of articles, we have recently introduced the category   „Magnetic closures“. In this category you may find the product groups „Magnetic closures and handbags“ and „Magnetic closures for jewels“.

Stainless steel

Stainless steel

Recently you may find also the following new stainless steel items in our offer – poles, pipes and also flat stainless steel pieces.

The best, fastest and easiest magnetic photo production at your home!

Magnetic photo paper

This is the most amazing magnetic product you have ever seen! Take a funny picture from your party or holidays, print in on the magnetic paper and put it onto fridge as a magnet. You will have unique memories in front of your eyes all the time! Prepare an untypical present for your family and friends!   

Magnetic attachment sets

Currently we added magnetic attachment sets to our product assortment. These magnetic attachment sets always contain very strong magnet and corresponding steel counter-piece with a hole for a countersunk-head bolt.

Magnetic tape

Magnetic tape

Flexible magnetic tapes – bands provide standard measurements in meters (m) and also in inches (in).

Magnetic pockets

Magnetic pockets

With our company you can discover a wide range of magnetic pockets. Specifically, these are standard magnetic pockets, magnetic pockets with frames, magnetic pockets with cut-outs, magnetic pockets with bent parts, and magnetic pockets with the rear sides for non-magnetic surfaces. In our stock, there are over 12,000 pieces. 

School magnets

School magnets

We offer several types of school magnets. You may choose from classical black school magnets, color magnets, magnets stored in plastics or metal cases, or magnetic numbers.  


Magnetic colors – ordinary wall changes into a magnetic noticeboard

Due to magnetic colors, child room walls become even more amazing than ever before to your children. Magnetic color is to be used as a base coat – we recommend three layers. Apply a top covering coat in the color typical for the rest of the room walls onto the magnetic color coat. Walls treated this way are capable of holding neodymium magnets characterized by the tear-off force of at least 40 N. Therefore the whole wall serves as a magnetic noticeboard.  

Magnetic pets – children will love them

News in our e-shop: Magnetic pets – children will love them

We offer magnetic pets equipped with stronger neodymium magnets and – recently – also with weaker ferrite magnets. These magnets are capable of holding children paintings and pictures on various substrates – fridges, flexible boards or wall coated with magnetic paints. Magnetic pets are a hit of children rooms and nursery schools.

News from our e-shop: Color magnetic bands – any shelf may shine with colors

Color magnetic bands

So far you knew magnetic bands as self-adhesive ones. They were to be glued onto an object that could be later attached to a magnetic metal surface. Now we have color magnetic bands in our offer. These bands do not have any self-adhesive layers and are attached directly to metal magnetic surfaces – fridges, noticeboards, door frames or shelves.

The strongest door magnet from our offer

Height adjustable furniture door neodym magnet

Furniture door magnets are used to hold furniture doors. They can be used in a broad variety of applications. The main benefit of this door magnet type consists in a possibility of supplementary height adjustment. Due to that its position can be set easily, achievingthus the situation that even not perfectly even door can be closed effortlessly.

Self-adhesive neodymium magnets – blocks and cylinders

Self-adhesive neodymium magnets

The magnets always have a strong 3M self-adhesive label on one side. Therefore they have a different application area than other neodymium magnets. The self-adhesive layer holds the magnet on a piece of paper or a plastic foil. We sell round magnets also in pairs. The pair always has its smooth side magnetized with the opposite polarity so the magnets attract mutually and may thus serve as magnetic locks. You can use them on packaging materials –...

Brass and rubber-coated magnetic lenses

News in our e-shop: Brass and rubber-coated magnetic lenses

Due to their workmanship with typical h6 tolerance, cylindrical brass magnetic lenses are characterized by a high shape precision. Because of the double-pole magnetization, they dispose of a high clamping force. They include an inner screw and may thus easily be attached to a place you need.

Rubber-coated magnetic lenses do not scratch metal surfaces. White rubber-coated lens even does not pollute surrounding surfaces. Due to the screw, the lens...

JACOB pipe systems – you can build anything into the pipelines

Pipe systems JACOB

Our offer of pipe systems has been extended remarkably. We offer an assortment of the company JACOB where clips QUICK-CONNECT, sealing elements, couplings, connectors, flanges and rubber blinding elements are included. Using these components, e.g. magnetic separators may be built easily into your technology.

Pot magnets

Microsite about Pot magnets

Would you like to learn interesting facts about magnetic lenses? For example how much can keep our strongest magnetic lens? Do you not know what is the magnetic lens and how can it be used? So just for you we have prepared a micro site

XXL sets

XXl sets

We prepared for you another interesting news. For several of our selected products, we have created a special wholesale package – products packed as several meters, or in several pieces. These XXL sets can then be bought in our e-shop for discounted prices. 

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  2. The strongest door magnet from our offer
  3. Magnetic mat
  4. Magnet for injection moulding machine hoppers placed in a plastic corpus
  5. Adjustable magnetic square
  6. Magnetic plate above conveyor

Rare-earth neodymium magnets NdFeB

Rare-earth magnet NdFeB

Rare-earth NdFeB (neodymium-iron-boron) magnet is the strongest permanent magnet. We offer these neodymium magnets in many shapes and sizes. Neodymium NdFeB magnets are on stock!


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