Magnetic separator servicing

Service actions / Regular preventive inspections / Service reports / Spare parts / Training

Magsy, s. r. o. service teamAs any technological device, also magnetic separators are wearing out as the time is passing by. Therefore, regular maintenance and changing of worn-out components are needed.

Our service team is ready to help you 24 hours a day, 7 days in week.  As for needed tooling and spare parts, the team is taking it with them in their service car at all times. Please call us nonstop at +420 730 150 700. Our service department offers our professional and coordinated servicing to all customers worldwide.

We assess technical status of the products, and then we recommend you how to solve and fix defects found.

By regular maintenance of your magnetic separator, its lifetime will be increased and high separation quality will be kept.

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Servicing of each separator type is individual, differing by time and demands of work to be done.Agree your servicing inspection still today!

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