Magnetic pockets with color frame / Magnetic frame

Magnetic pocket with a color frameThe pocket has a magnetic band around the entire frame circumference. It protects documents against dust and pollution. Maintenance and handling operations are very easy. General pocket design is in the A4 and A3 formats, in blue, red and grey colors. By request we also manufacture various pocket sizes and frame colors.

Magnetic pocket dimensions

We offer the pocket in the three general dimensions: A3, A4 and, A5. 

On-line sale of magnetic pocket

In our e-shop you may choose from a rich offer

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On-line sale of magnetic pocket

In our e-shop you may choose from a rich offer

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Related magnetic products

Magnetic pocket - standard type

Magnetic pockets - standard type

Magnetic pockets are used in stocks for rack identification, or in production, to identify production processes.

Magnetic pocket with an aperture

Magnetic pockets with an aperture

The pocket is equipped with a magnetic band around the entire circumference. Therefore, it is easy to write on the inserted paper so you do not have to take it out of the pocket.

Magnetic pocket with a fold

Magnetic pocket with a fold

The pocket has a free upper edge into which a piece of paper may be inserted; then the pocket can be installed on a metal surface. Take it out of the pocket.

Magnetic pocket for non-magnetic surfaces

Magnetic pockets for non-magnetic surfaces

This magnetic pocket is completely different from what you have been knowing so far. On its rear side, there is a self-adhesive layer due to which the pocket may be attached onto non-magnetic surfaces.

Magnetic sheets / magnetic foils

Magnetic sheets / magnetic foils

We are selling magnetic foils in various colors and modifica- tions. They are also suitable as advertisement carriers. They can be easily cut by scissors.

Flexible magnetic board

Flexible magnetic board

For an attachment to the background surface, the foil is equipped with a self-adhesive layer.

Magnetic tape

Magnetic tapes

Glue a magnetic band using a self-adhesive layer onto an arbitrary object that will be, more lately, fixed onto a magnetic surface.

Magnetic label

Magnetic labels / Magnetic C-profiles

Most frequently, magnetic labels are used in the stocking file management, for the rack marking or for doorframe marking.

Magnetic photo paper

Magnetic photo papers

The magnetic paper is in the A4 format and you can use it with both laser and ink jet printers with no worries.