Stainless steel

Recently you may find also the following new stainless steel items in our offer – poles, pipes and also flat stainless steel pieces.

Stainless steel
Stainless steel

General, stainless austenitizated steel (so called food industry stainless steel) containing 18 % of chromium (Cr) and 10 % of nickel (Ni). Chemical composition complies with the norm for product using for the foodstuffs and drinking water. The maximum temperature is 450 °C. This alloyed noble steel is highly resistant against corrosion in water and air mediums with no presence of chlorides or inorganic acids and salts. Surface corrosion resistance may be increased by polishing. Stainless steel 1.4301 is workable and possible to be welded quite well.

The parameters of this stainless steel type:

  • Possible to be welded (in the weldment area it tends to an inter-crystalline corrosion)
  • Splinter-workable to a great extent
  • Possible to be polished
  • Alloying Cr 17 – 19.5 %, Ni 8 – 10.5%, C < 0.07%
  • Tensile strength Rm 520 - 720 N/mm2
  • Yield strength Rp 0.2 min. 210 N/mm2

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