XXL sets

We prepared for you another interesting news. For several of our selected products, we have created a special wholesale package – products packed as several meters, or in several pieces. These XXL sets can then be bought in our e-shop for discounted prices. 

XXl sets
XXl sets

Color magnets with a round shape

We offer these color round magnets in white, red, blue, green or yellow color, in sets including 126 pieces, for a discounted price of 35,42 €. Application area of these magnets is not only in offices, but also e.g. at schools. The dimensions of these magnets are 20x5 mm. 

Ferrite magnets

Ferrite magnets in the cylindrical shape are available in our e-shop, in sets including 185 pieces. Their dimensions are either 16x5 mm, or 20x5 mm. 

Magnets to be attached to belts

Wholesale package of the magnets to be attached to belts contains 10 pieces of the magnets. Using a clip located on the rear side, the magnets can be attached to a trouser belt. Due to the magnet strength, metal screws, twists and nails are safely at hand then.

Magnetic foils

We offer several sets of magnetic foils with various thicknesses (0.4 mm – 1 mm). These are magnetic foils without a surface treatment; their length is always 5 m. 

Magnetic pockets

Above all, magnetic pockets preserve inserted pieces of paper against damaging; in such cases, they may be attached then to any metal background. In discounted XXL sets we offer the following magnetic pocket types: classical magnetic pockets, magnetic pockets with frames and magnetic pockets with cut-outs. Each of respective sets contains 20 pieces.

Magnetic pegs

Magnetic pegs are available in several attractive colors – red, blue, yellow and green, in the sets containing 10 pieces each, for a discounted price of 32,09 €.

Magnetic bands

We offer in our e-shop magnetic bands with a thick self-adhesive layer, in 10 meter lengths, for a discounted price starting from 22,71 €.

Furniture magnets

Furniture magnets are available as 5 pieces sets. These are furniture magnets in white or black color.

Neodymium magnets

Neodymium magnets are available in the cylindrical shape, in sets from 25 to 100 pieces. XXL neodymium magnet sets can be received for various sizes of these magnets.

Self-adhesive magnetic foils

Self-adhesive magnetic foils are available in our e-shop as well, with the length of 5 meters, namely in foils with the thickness from 0.5 to 1mm, for a discounted price. 


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XXL sets