Magnetic pockets

With our company you can discover a wide range of magnetic pockets. Specifically, these are standard magnetic pockets, magnetic pockets with frames, magnetic pockets with cut-outs, magnetic pockets with bent parts, and magnetic pockets with the rear sides for non-magnetic surfaces. In our stock, there are over 12,000 pieces. 

Magnetic pockets
Magnetic pockets

 Classical magnetic pockets

Classical magnetic pockets are most frequently being used in stores, for shelf identification, or also in a production, to identify separate manufacturing processes.  

Magnetic pockets with frames

Magnetic pockets with frames have magnetic bands around their whole circumference. They are aimed to protect documents against soiling.

Magnetic pockets with cut-outs

These magnetic pockets also have magnetic bands around their circumference. However, you may write easily on inserted pieces of paper – without a need of taking it out of your pocket.  

Magnetic pockets with bent parts

Magnetic pockets with bent parts are characterized with free upper pocket edges. You may insert there a piece of paper, and attach it then on a selected metal surface.   

Magnetic pockets for non-magnetic surfaces

These pockets have self-adhesive label on their rear side. Due to that the pocket can be attached to non-magnetic surfaces. 

Magnetic pockets online

In our e-shop you can choose from a wide range of magnetic pockets

Magnetic pockets