Wooden crate

Wooden crate serving to storage of engineering products or magnets

Wooden crate for engineering productsThese wooden crates are perfect helpers in various plants where they may serve to e. g.  storage of products, semi-finished products, production organizing, etc. They are firm and highly resistant.

Also, the crates can be used for a safe storage of a higher quantity of magnets.   

Due to the fact they are made of wood, they do not attract magnets to their surfaces so there is no risk of damaging.

Wooden crate for engineering productsOuter / inner dimensions

  • Length 590 / 560 mm
  • Width 220 / 190 mm
  • Height 70 / 60 mm

Wooden crate with a label As a part of the crate, a sheet-metal label is incorporated including nails, and writeable PVC foil to be used for the crate identification.


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