Video: Magnetic separator for liquid mixtures with the separation vessel

Magnetic separator with the automatic cleaning is capable of catching of metal impurities from liquids. During the automatic cleaning cycle, impurities are rinsed by water or any suitable medium. This rinsing liquid, together with the caught metals, is released to the separation tank.

Separation vessel
Separation vessel

Great benefit of this technical solution consists in the fact that the rinsing liquid located in the lower vessel part is then used again for the separator cleaning. It is, therefore, a closed circuit with minimum losses of the rinsing liquid. Liquid adding or complete replacement can take place just from time to time that means cutting of the costs and no needs for a further operation.

Separation vessel benefits

  • High magnetic separation efficiency.
  • Closed secondary separation circuit – at any time, the separator is cleaned with the same rinsing liquid (water, oil or emulsion) which reduces its losses. Th liquid is replaced just from time to time, based on its polluting and separator cleaning frequency.
  • Low cost of the liquidation of caught impurities (only metal impurities are disposed, not the rinsing liquid).
  • Minimum environmental hazards.
  • No need for the operation – workforce saving.
  • You will see very easily how big quantity of impurities is caught by the separator.

Dry assorted metals in the separation vessel

Magnetic drum catches the metals and the pushing drum pushes residual liquid from them.


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