Magnet to be used in textile filters

This magnetic separator consists in one or two magnetic rods and stainless steel carrier into which the rods are inserted. Complete device is then inserted into the cloth sleeve filter. We simplified significanly the magnetic rod fixing in the stainless steel carrier so no screwing is necessary. 

Magnet to be used in textile filters
Magnet to be used in textile filters

Own cloth filters commonly catch impurities of up to the size of 20 μm. Our magnets to be used with textile filters have verified magnetic catching impurities in the sizes starting at   1.5 μm. Appropriate tests have been carried out by an accredited testing body.  

Magnets to be used with cloth filters – the benefits

  • Metal impurity catching of the sizes starting at 1.5 μm
  • Textile filter lifetime prolongation
  • High filtration efficiency
  • Adaptation to your needs
  • Very easy cleaning due to polished rod surfaces
  • Safety partition between magnetic rods – injury risk minimizing

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