Self-cleaning magnet above conveyor

This is a new, advanced magnetic separator type, designed for positioning above a conveyor belt.. Above all, it serves to separation of larger metal magnetic impurities from easily permeable compounds transported on conveyor belts. Mostly it is situated above a conveyor belt using horizontal slewing of 90°, or it is located above a staging cylinder. Collected magnetic impurities are transported away using the belt rotating around the magnet.

Self-cleaning magnet above conveyor (MS F EKO) - ECOnomical
Self-cleaning magnet above conveyor (MS F EKO) - ECOnomical

The separator in the EKO (ECO) version is equipped with the Nord drive. Standard bearings are used. Also the separator body is not covered as carefully as in the MS F type. We manufacture both separator types in various sizes in order to be able to install them above transportation belts of various widths.

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