Coated magnets

Coated magnetLet us introduce you a new magnet surface treatment option. By now, this method of the direct plastics coating has been applied only on ferrite magnets, but, for a future, we are preparing also the application technology for rare-earth neodymium magnets - NdFeB. Using the above specified magnet´s surface treatment, the magnetic power of a magnet in question will be decreased by cca 10 %.

Main benefits

  • there are no more sharp edges on the magnet surface
  • the magnet is not soiling
  • the magnet cannot damage a clasped object or seating face (fabric, body, ...)
  • if NdFeB magnet is used, even better corrosion resistance may be achieved

At the moment, we are offering ferrite anisotropic magnets with dimensions 50x50x15 and 150x100x25 as a standard.

On-line sale of magnets

In our e-shop you will certainly make a good choice

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On-line sale of magnets

In our e-shop you will certainly make a good choice

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Magnets made to measure

In case you are interested in any other ferrite magnet, cylinder, prism and/or annulus with a plastics coating, please contact us.

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