Ferrite / ceramic magnets

Ferrite (ceramic) permanent magnetFerrite (ceramic) permanent magnets are the traditional black magnets we know e.g. from office notice boards. However, the field of their application is much broader and they are used, e.g. in production of electric motors, magnetic clutches, magnetic separators, clamps, loudspeakers.

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Choose the magnet shape and the way of magnetizing

Shapes of ferrite magnetsAccording to the production process, they are classified either as isotropic (weaker) magnets or anisotropic (stronger) magnets. Isotropic magnets are produced using the so-called dry method - by moulding. The magnets are then magnetized in a magnetic field. The option to magnetize magnets in various directions as required by the customer is the great advantage of this production process. Anisotropic magnets are produced using the so-called wet method - by injection into a production mould under the influence of a magnetic field. Subsequent magnetization can be done only in the direction pre-defined at production.

Surface treatment of ferrite magnets

These magnets are not susceptible to corrosion so they do not require surface finish.

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Magnets comparison table

 Ferrite isotropic
Ferrite anisotropicRare-earth
Temperature resistance
Chemical resistance  


Method of using


You can choose the magnetic and physical properties of the material in which the magnet should be produced in the following table.

The magnetic characteristics of ferrite magnets

TypeResidual Induction (Br)Coercive Force (Hcb)Intrinsic Coercive Force (Hcj)Max. Energy Product (BH max)
MF8T 200-235 2.0-2.35 125-160 1.57-2.01 210-280 2.64-3.52 6.5-9.5 0.8-1.2
MF23 320-370 3.2-3.7 170-190 2.14-2.38 190-230 2.39-2.89 20.0-25.5 2.5-3.2
MF25 360-400 3.6-4.0 135-170 1.70-2.14 140-200 1.76-2.51 22.5-28.0 2.8-3.5
MF26H 360-390 3.6-3.9 220-250 2.77-3.14 225-255 2.83-3.21 23.0-28.0 2.9-3.5
MF27H 370-400 3.7-4.0 205-250 2.58-3.14 210-255 2.64-3.21 25.0-29.5 3.1-3.7
MF28 370-400 3.7-4.0 175-210 2.20-2.64 180-220 2.26-2.77 26.0-30.0 3.3-3.8
MF30H-1 380-400 3.8-4.0 230-275 2.89-3.46 235-290 2.99-3.65 27.0-32.0 3.4-4.1
MF30H-2 390-410 3.9-4.1 275-300 3.46-3.77 310-335 3.90-4.21 28.5-32.5 3.5-4.0
MF32 400-420 4.0-4.2 160-190 2.01-2.38 165-195 2.07-2.45 30.0-33.5 3.8-4.2
MF33 410-430 4.1-4.3 220-250 2.77-3.14 225-255 2.83-3.21 31.5-35.0 4.0-4.4
MF33H 410-430 4.1-4.3 250-270 3.14-3.40 250-275 3.14-3.45 31.5-35.0 4.0-4.4
MF35 430-450 4.3-4.5 215-239 2.70-3.00 217-241 2.73-3.03 33.1-35.2 4.2-4.4
MF36 430-450 4.3-4.5 247-271 3.10-3.40 250-274 3.14-3.44 35.1-38.3 4.4-4.8
MF38 440-450 4.4-4.5 285-305 3.58-3.83 294-310 3.69-3.89 36.6-40.6 4.6-5.1

1.0 Kgs=100 mT, 1.0 Koe=79.6KA/m, 1.0 MGOe=7.96 KJ/m3

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