Magnet testing

In order to facilitate you the selection of the most suitable magnet as much as possible and - at the same time - guarantee the magnet quality, we decided to measure tearing forces in all types of our magnets. Tearing force is understood as a force necessary to tear off the magnet from a steel pad (steel plate with the thickness of 10 mm). In fact, we are really measuring the tearing force - we are not using any approximate calculations for the purpose!

Testing of the magnets

Testing laboratoryThe test runs as follows: we clasp the magnet to a steel plate made of a structural steel of the class 11 and with the thickness 10 mm. The plate is ideally straight, polished. Using the testing device, we are continuously increasing the tearing force for as long as the moment occurs when the magnet is broken away from the steel plate. We record the force at which the magnet was unstuck. By the reason of a maximum objectivity, we perform the test three times and we use the lowest measured value to perform the tear-off force calculation.

Note: with decreasing steel plate (to which the magnet is fixed) thickness, the magnet tearing force is also decreasing - this is a natural magnetic characterization.

We will measure also your magnets

Also we are offering the tearing force measurement (and, optionally, also the magnetic induction measurement) in magnets delivered by you, magnetic lenses, burden magnets and other magnetic devices. We dispose of several different testing devices and, also, we are capable of the tearing force measuring in the range 0 to 200 kN (that corresponds to ca 20 000 kg)! For your information: 10 N = ca 1 kg.

We will do our best to satisfy your needs, but we reserve the right to refuse the test of a magnet supplied by you in some cases (e.g. in case that out testing devices might be damaged).