Plastics flow magnetic separator

Plastics flow magnetic separator

This magnetic separator is characterized by a low weight, high stiffness and chemical resistance. Temperature resistance is up to 80 °C or 100 °C.  All components that are in a contact with separated medium are made of a plastic material. The separator is suitable also for the food industry.

Doll for UNICEF will help children

The little witch Kveta

Adopt a doll and you will save a life. This is an action which was set up by the company MAGSY, s.r.o. and already saved the lives of even several children. In this week we took part in an auction of dolls for UNICEF and we succeeded in auctioning the cute witch Kveta !

Self-cleaning magnet above conveyor new

Self-cleaning magnet above conveyor

This variant of magnetic separator located above conveyor can be selected in the event that occurrence of magnetic particles of dirt is not so extensive and this magnet can be cleaned manually at least once during a working shift.


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