Magnetic closures

To further enlarge our wide offer of articles, we have recently introduced the category   „Magnetic closures“. In this category you may find the product groups „Magnetic closures and handbags“ and „Magnetic closures for jewels“.

Magnetic closures for handbags

Magnetic closures are suitable as magnetic closing for handbags or standard bags. Closure diameter is 18 mm. Attach the closure simply against yourself, onto a skin or a piece of cloth. Put the magnet reeds through the cloth and fix it by covering. The closure is equipped with a neodymium magnet. The magnets are small but strong so they are capable of keeping a handbag closed reliably.

Magnetic closures for jewels

Magnetic closures for bracelets and other jewels consist of two very strong neodymium magnets with the diameter of 8 mm and the height of 6 mm

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Magnetic closures