Magnetic broom / sweeper with rare-earth neodymium magnets

Magnetic brooms allow for the collection of metal impurities on the floors (metal shavings, nails, grind dust) in workshops, factory halls or parking lots.


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Wooden crate

These wooden crates are perfect helpers in various plants where they may serve to e. g.  storage of products, semi-finished products, production organizing, etc.


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Clip magnet

These magnets are very strong neodymium NdFeB magnets coated by a rubber layer protecting them against damaging.


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Cutted magnetic sheet


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Magnetic bracket

Magnetic brackets save your time when welding different profiles. Adjustable angle in the range 45° - 90° (5° scale)


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Magnetic paper

The magnetic photographic paper is in the A4 format and you can use it with both laser and ink jet printers with no worries. The paper can be cut and/or clipped easily.


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Magnetic testing rod

This magnetic rod is used to test whether your material contains metallic-magnetic impurities.


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Magnetic label (C-profile)

Most frequently, magnetic labels are used in the stocking file management, for the rack mar- king or for doorframe marking.


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Magnet to be used in textile filters

This separator is to be used into a cloth filter by which the filtration efficiency becomes significantly increased and, at the same time, cloth filter lifetime becomes prolonged. We are manufacturing the magnetic rods in a polished version which enhances significantly their cleaning.


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Magnets for injection moulding machine hoppers

Its main benefits consist in locating of the magnets in a plastic corpus especially. The corpus covers the entire injection molding machine hopper cross-section.


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Rare-earth neodymium magnet

Rare-earth neodymium magnets are the strongest permanent magnets.


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Magnetic shaving collector

Look at how the shaving colletor is efficient in practice!


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Magnetic broom (magnetic sweeper) for forklift trucks

This is especially designed for the collecting of metal impurities (metal shavings, nails, grind dust). It finds its application in cleaning of huge areas. This broom can be easily located on a forklift truck skids.


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Magnets in metal casing – case turning

Take a look at how we produce metal cases for our magnets.


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Magnetic lath

Our products can be used in many applications. Look with your own eyes that you can use the magnetic lath as a key or clothing hanger.


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